These are usually the general enquires we get from our customers. If you do not find answers to your questions here, then please feel free to Contact Us.

What is polymer clay?

Polymer clay is a very lightweight material based on Polyvinyl Chloride. This new age material is highly sculptable allowing a wide variety of colours and designs.

Is it safe to wear?

Absolutely! Polymer Clay is a highly non-reactive material that in most cases has no problem with prolonged use. If you have had previous problems and have very sensitive skin, buying a small earring in our 'Basics' range can test this. However, if you are allergic to any types of metals - please feel free to convey this once you've added the items to your cart. You will have the option to choose from a range of metals including silver filled, sterling silver, gold filled and gold plated at an additional cost and depending on availability.

How can I place an order?

We have currently two options available:

(i) You can choose any of the existing designs which are displayed on the website. You simply have to choose the products and add them to your cart. You will be prompted to an enquiry form with the Product Codes automatically added. In the enquiry form you will also have the option to specify any colour of your choice and also indicate if you require any minor customisations such as a change in the type of metal used. Once you have filled all the details, simply send the enquiry form and we will contact you with the details of your order and a Final Price. The Final Price quoted at this stage will reflect any major variations required by you. Once you have agreed to all the details and a Final price has been confirmed, your piece will be made just for you. Once the product is ready, you will be asked to pay the agreed amount. On receipt of payment confirmation, your product will be safely shipped to your door.

(ii) You can also have an entirely new piece designed and crafted exclusively for you - please refer to the Complete Customisation section.

What all customisations are possible?

A wide range of customisation is possible - as your satisfaction is our utmost priority. Once you add the chosen pieces to the cart and continue to enquiry you will be prompted to fill a form. You will be able to indicate any of your special requirements in the enquiry form. The final quoted price of the piece will reflect this. If you are looking for a whole new piece crafted exclusively for you, please visit our Complete Customisation section.

Can I get other products such as bracelets made for me?

Yes, of course. Please see our Complete Customisation section.

What is Complete Customisation?

Complete Customisation gives you the option to have a unique piece designed and crafted exclusively for you. You will be placed in contact directly with me, where you can provide me with the details on how you would like the piece crafted just for you. If you wish to have a piece crafted to match a particular attire, you can provide me with accurate colour photographs of the attire. On receipt of the pictures and after discussing the styles and design required by you, a mock up and price is finalised. As this is a complete custom design, the price will reflect the work and time involved in crafting this unique piece.

How can I get these designs in a colour or range of colours of my choice?

You will be able to indicate the colour of your choice in the enquiry form once you have added the products to the cart. Should you wish to have a colour to match any specific attire, I may require you to send multiple colour correct images of your specific attire which will allow me to make the piece passionately unique.

How does the Base Price and the Final Price differ?

The Base Price is the price of the piece where the only customisation included is the choice of colour and other minor changes. This does not include shipping cost as locations of our customers differ. For any added customisation, such as increased length, or different metals - the price will vary accordingly. On receipt of your completed enquiry form, I will contact you with a Final Price taking into consideration any customisations requested by you. The piece is only made once the Final Price, including shipping charges is agreed to by the customer. section.

What are the differences between the Ranges: Basics, Classics, and Premium?

Basics - refers to our low-range pieces apt for casual and everyday uses (popular among students), and for simple attire.

Classics - refers to our mid-range pieces that are established eye-catching pieces apt for work and events.

Premium - refers to our truly exclusive collection made with the best materials in the most unique designs. These are crafted for the individual, and assured to be passionately unique.

What are the payment methods?

Bank transfer or PayPal are the most common methods. On receipt of your completed enquiry form, we will contact you with the details of payment.

What are the estimated shipping costs?

As shipping cost will vary according to locality and speed of delivery, please find below the estimated shipping costs. The shipping will vary according to number and weight of the order. A Final Price will be quoted before any order is confirmed. If you would like express delivery, please indicate the same in the enquiry form.


Country Average Shipping Cost (£)

UK 2.00
Europe 3.00
India 4.50
USA 3.00
Middle East 3.00

How long will each piece take to make and send?

This will vary according to the work and availability of the materials used. On receipt of your completed enquiry form, if any materials are out of stock I will notify you and the shipping time will reflect this delay. On an average one complete order will take 5 -10 days to be dispatched but this will also be according to the customer and their needs. Once the order has been has dispatched, shipping will take an average of 5 -10 working days. Please feel free to ask for Express Delivery to speed up the whole process.