Maria's Jewellery crafts exquisite jewellery and accessories in polymer clay, designed to make you stand out. Our unique earthy designs are inspired by the picturesque island of Jersey, from where each bead of Maria's Jewellery is artfully handcrafted for you. Fall Leaves, Orchids, Lilies, Butterfly Wings, Flaming Orange sunset - every contour of Maria's Jewellery radiates the beauty of nature and tells the story of intricate craftsmanship and an unflinching pursuit for perfection. We understand that you are unique and take great pride in hand-crafting every order to complement your personality and style. Maria's Jewellery is inspired by nature, to make you look stunning and will continue to innovate in our designs, techniques and style to keep that promise.

About Mary

Mary Koshy Karuvelil, founder of Maria's Jewellery is a holder of Masters in Science. She has a deep creative flair with experience in many arts including oil painting, fabric painting, hand embroidery and even interior designing. She brings her knowledge and experience to her designs and ensures each piece is without fault. Living in Jersey, UK, she is surrounded by a sea of flowers and gardens in rare picturesque coastal settings, inspire her designs to remain unique and of course passionately yours.

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